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Monday, April 5, 2010

Gladys and Mari Butt Heads…

Gladys and I took our chances on headwinds today and headed out in the Valley about noon. Construction work was in full swing in front of the house, and we had to slalom our way in and out of traffic cones, barrels, and oncoming traffic.

Not the bluster we encountered yesterday: wind calm to the point that a pair of young duffers were teeing it up at the Sky Valley Driving Range. Judging by the white spots dotting the green, business is on the upswing (no pun intended). Driving RangeAt Willie Green’s Organic Farm we turn right. I want to see what’s going on with a couple of landscaping projects I can see from the blacktop. They are water features and in this Valley of floods, what can another water feature or two hurt? One project is complete, fountain spouting from a nicely landscaped pool. The plantings lend an alpine feel to the surround: stunted firs one might find growing next to a mountain pool. Willie's FountainThe second feature, closer to the road, is still under construction. When Willie turns on the faucet, I will post additional photos.

Gladys and I turn right off Tualco and head for home. At this point Gladys became confused. On SR 203 she steered clear of the cone-line southbound lane to avoid the southbound traffic and chose the safety of the shoulder INSIDE the traffic barrels. Oh, Gladys—big mistake. Two hundred feet or so closer to home and we encounter Mari, a pintsize littler gofer for Tri-State International, DOT’s contractor for the turn lane project. Mari is waving us off the shoulder and into traffic. She blocks our progress and delivers an ultimatum: WE CAN’T RIDE ON THE SHOULDER; WE MUST USE THE CAR LANE. Now Gladys probably has ten pounds on Mari and is nearly as tall, and I feel a fracas brewing. Fortunately I am there to intercede and a “chick fight” is averted. I direct her slowly out into traffic at “OUR OWN RISK.” My high-spirited mount and I arrive safely at the driveway. But I couldn’t help but notice as I rolled Gladys into the garage, her reflector was glowing a bright red!Gladys TSI Mari

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  1. I would have said, "As soon as you guys paint the lines for the bike lane, I'll use it. Until then, I'll use the shoulder." Sounds like you've been surrounded not only by DOT, but also a dictatorial mini-woman employed by said department. It's too bad you've already spoken with them so much otherwise you could just play the deaf/mute card (sorry to offend any PC peeps...'cause I'm not one). It worked for Chief Bromden. :)