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Friday, December 2, 2011

Stepping Up in the Valley…

Strange lights in the ValleyIt’s five o’clock and already dark outside. But what would you’d expect for the first of day of December? Just a minute now…out to the west I see strange lights…. Too low to be aircraft. Too colorful to be a UFO.What can they be?

Christmas in the Valley already…? And it’s only December first! I have to say as far as getting a jump on the season, it’s Santa’s red hat off to the Broers this year. Last year they were nearly pushing Christmas Eve before any outdoor illumination appeared. I was beginning to feel sorry for those eight reindeer having to land with only Rudolph’s nose for landing lights.

In last year’s post about Valley illumination (“Getting Lit in the Valley,” 12/19) I admit to a gentle chiding of the mid-December darkness at Broers’ Farms. It seemed to me the quaint little farmhouse and impressive barn cried out for decoration, for the Christmas spirit illuminated. Just in the knick of time Ed and Ginnifer saved Christmas. The lights came on and the western horizon glowed holiday festive.

This year Broers’ Farms have welcomed Christmas to the Valley before any of the neighbors…and I thought the Christmas spirit moved me to hang our outdoor lights the last day of November, the earliest ever. (A new illumination theme this season: blue and white. Why? I’m still not sure….) The truth of it is, our family Christmas gala is here in the Valley this year, so what has to be done, best be done to make way for all else that needs to be done for the occasion; in short, once again I’m being strong-armed by December 25. Surprising that Ed and Ginnifer have stepped up the holiday pace. This year the pressure’s on those Beebes.

So it’s kudos to the Broers family. Even Tony and Sadie’s lights festoon the eves. (But is it my imagination, or are those dead bulbs left from last year?) Another Christmas season is upon us, and the Broers have not only validated it but have succeeded in “one upping” their neighbors.

As far as awards or trophies, though, here’s a tip guaranteed to bring home the gold for Ed: install a big blow-up Santa or a hot air Frosty on the ridge peak of that stately barn and and first place is yours hands down.

This year I’ll bet with a bit of encouragement Brett and Megan de Vries might even string some outdoor lights on the old Streutker homestead. That corner could use a little Christmas.

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