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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ballad of the Supine Cyclist…

Recumbant aheadFeet in the air,

Feet in the air,

Pedalin’ up a storm

With my feet in the air.

Lying on my backside…

It’s not polite to stare,

Cruisin’ down the road

With my feet in the air.

Sure, I’m horizontal…

Don’t much really care,

Pedalin’ on my back

With my knees in the air.

Ridin’ down the fog line,

Feet whirlin’ away.

If and when I get there,

Cannot really say.

Feet pointin’ skyward,

Backside at the road,

Wibble, wobble, side-to-side,

Distributing the load.

Cars flyin’ by me,

Miss me by a hair.

Just pedalin’ like a fool

With my feet in the air…

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