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Monday, April 20, 2015

Dare not Assume

white lilacsSpring--

March and April are just numbered squares

on a calendar,

And I have seen forsythia

Hiss and smolder beneath sodden snow.

Yet the lavender delays.


Assume not too much--

The crocus does not baffle frost,

And beneath its fur, the willow shivers.

Yet the fragrance is stayed.Bury your nose


Dare not assume the date--

The swallow cluster on frigid steel wires

Is bluster.

And sunflowers and buttercups

Sycophants of the sunny South only.

Yet the purple pendants pause.


Then one warm day

Again the patent is again unleashed upon the breeze

And calls the gardener to his furrow.

Unassuming, the lilac blooms.table of fragrance


Breathe in the lilac. Let its delicate fragrance mark your memory, etch spring upon it. Pick a bouquet for someone special. Pluck a sprig of spring for yourself.  Take heed: they’ll not bloom again for another long year.

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