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Monday, March 29, 2010

I’ll Go No More A’Rovin’…

End of the open road

Have a yearning for the open road? Travel the nation’s highways and byways? If so, Tony Broer has just the deal for you. It appears Tony and Sadie’s travelin’ days are behind them—snowbirds no more--and the big RV in the center bay of their garage is looking for a new home. Given the modest”For Sale” sign, I wonder how long it will take to empty that center bay? Someone needs to direct Tony to a more aggressive sales method. Isn’t there an “RV Trader” version of “Auto Trader?” As far as trying to sell via e-commerce, I suspect Tony lags a bit behind in that arena. Perhaps when the weather improves, he will move the goods to his driveway and let the big open roader advertise itself. Until then I hope these spring downpours won’t dissolve his particle board sign into sawdust mush.

The Cambodian flower farmer is continuing the daffodil harvest this morning. He cradles a huge bundle of cheerful blooms. I grind Gladys to a stop, take out my camera, and ask for a pose. Nothing doing; the gentleman is camera shy. I persist; he refuses, and I realize I am becoming a pest. These flower people are private folk and I’m a nosy intruder. I have to settle for a “still life” of the harvested flowers and decide I need to respect his space. From now on I’ll just offer a friendly wave and leave him to his work. I might be snoopy but I can take a hint. I do learn, however, that these daffodils are destined for Seattle’s Pike Place Market and from there to become spring color spots in the homes of spring-thirsty city folk. Pike Pl. Flowers

On the leg home I notice the little house north of Decks’ has a new metal roof. This little house is a carbon copy of Ed’s house. Both were built in the Valley at the same time, which according to Tony, was 1894. If you were to turn that house 90 degrees, it would look pretty much the same as Ed’s before the additions were appended. It’s a nice fix—and one that most likely will outlive the current owners.  New Roof Just one more photo and I’ll put this post to bed: a little more Valley luck. Can you find it?Hidden luck

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1 comment:

  1. I found it! I also find it ironic that I'm paying $15 a bouquet at the market for flowers grown in my own 'old' valley.