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Friday, March 5, 2010

Yes, We CAN Get Along...

Even as we go about our daily lives, small dramas unfold even though we are not there to witness them. Today my environmentally-sensitive friend Nancy L stopped by to chat. You may recall the beer can issue under Bridge 52 mentioned in an earlier post? That issue, as I post this, has been resolved, thanks to Nancy L, and the vagabond aluminum is now in her safekeeping. She was able to negotiate the steep bank down to the slough and retrieve those Mickey's "blasters" lying about on both sides of the bridge. As Nancy L retrieved a can, she would toss it up on the bridge to collect later. And this is where the drama begins and how an aluminum altercation was averted. You see, there is competition for can collection in the Tualco Valley. Mrs. Schmidt and her little ewok-faced dog Lucy scour the roadside ditches for discarded cans, and with both Nancy L. and Mrs. Schmidt on the job, an aluminum can does not sojourn in the Valley for long. At a certain time and a certain place our lives intersect with others. And this happened the other day at Bridge 52. At the same time Nancy L was playing the troll beneath the bridge, collecting the cans and chucking them upwards, Mrs. Schmidt and Lucy began to trip, trap, trip, trap across. It was then Mrs. Schmidt saw the cans. "Oh, cans!" she exclaimed when she and Lucy spied the aluminum goldmine. Nancy L quickly made her presence known and claimed the fruits of her labor. Mrs. Schmidt did not contest, and I am happy to say that a showdown at Bridge 52 was averted and the litter patrol did not have to respond. No one was harmed and the only violence done was to the cans which were crushed under heel. And Peace reigns in the Valley again. Print this post

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  1. I'd like to see them both try to compete with some of these professional collectors in New York. Don't mess with one's cans man...just don't you do it.